Today on earth & NPR

Today on NPR Furbies are dissected, analyzed,
and Trumpnado takes away our latest intestine:
Mom is a bundle of carcinogen, but the cigarettes
aren’t the ones that bloomed a lump inside her.
Leftovers of a baby dragon are found in China,
and we all lose hope again for the hundredth time today,
the methane steaming out of the cattle fields
warming Texas – Breaking: entire state turned sauna!
and all the tourists come for a steam bath of cow dung,
tottering along the edge of conscience, pelting
chunks of our stomach lining at each other, pulsing
for the humanity of it, hoping something catches,
someone deeply stranger to us picks it up, turns it over
in their rotting fingers and says, hey, this looks like my organ,
only to pitch it back for fear of the familiar, hot and reeling.


(Baby dragons on NPR.)


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  1. Breathtaking. Deeply disturbing.


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